Legend Categories
North America / Great Plains Area
Lakota - I want to tell you a story as it was told to me

His name is Old Pete Chasing Horse, the storyteller of the Pine Ridge
Reservation. Nearing a century old, it's his duty to share the
legends and the wisdom of his people timeless moral stories that
are a gift of life from the heart of the Dreamkeeper

As they were told to him, they are told to you

Legend of Eagle Boy's Vision Quest
On a vision quest, Eagle Boy is frustrated in awaiting word from the
Spirits. His complaint to the Heavens results in a death-defying
rockslide. When the persistent boy returns to what's left of the
mountains he learns of the three powers: material power (the goodness
of the earth), spirit power ( the goodness of human beings), and
supernatural power (the goodness of the spirit). It is Eagle Boy's
job to bring them together for man to use, a mission he completes

Legend of Blue Bird Woman and High Horse
High Horse is in love with Blue Bird Woman but her father forbids
marriage. High Horse has a plan: to paint himself as a dark spirit,
send all Lakotas fleeing, and whisk Blue Bird Woman away. When the
plan fails, High Horse makes a suicide ride into an enemy Crow camp,
certain he will be killed. But it is the frightened Crows who run
away. High Horse returns home as a hero with the enemy's abandoned
horses, and weds Blue Bird Woman.

Legend of She Crosses The Water and The Thunder Spirit
From the sky, Thunder Spirit watches She Crosses the Water as she
works in the cornfield with her Mohawk tribe. Desperately in love he
dives to earth and convinces her to be his on one condition: that
when she gives birth to their child, no living soul shall ever strike
it lest she lose their offspring forever. One fateful day Clan Mother
indeed strikes the child who, as legend foretold, vanishes into the
mist forever.

Legend of Tehan, The Red Haired, White Kiowa
Tehan, a red-haired white boy, is adopted by the Kiowa tribe and
becomes the loving brother of Talks A Lot. But Broken Lance,
suspicious of the boy's color, sends Tehan running. Captured by the
Cavalry, Tehan is forced to work as a civilian in Fort Sill. The
Kiowas realize they must rescue Tehan from their sworn enemy. Even
Broken Lance agrees, and joins forces to fight the Cavalry. Tehan's
own bravery in the battle earns him a rightful place with his new

Legend of Coyote and Iktome
Coyote is a trickster. His companion is Iktome, a spider person. When
hunger overtakes them, Coyote gives Grandfather Stone his knife in
return for helping him and Iktome find sustenance. But once he finds
the food, Coyote realizes he will need his knife back to eat it.
Betraying the Stone he bargained with, Coyote steals back the knife.
While pursued Iktome climbs a tree to safety. Coyote finds his fate
underneath a fallen Grandfather Stone.

Legend of Coyote and Iktome, and Iktome's Wife
Surviving his last trick, Coyote is invited to dinner by Iktome.
Iktome instructs his wife on how to cook two livers for the both of
them. For Coyote, a special duck. While Iktome is out hunting, his
wife eats both livers and fears her husband's wrath. When Coyote
seduces her, she gets her revenge by telling Iktome that it was he
who ate the livers. On the run for his safety, the once-cunning
trickster is transformed into a real coyote.

Legend of Dirty Belly and The Dun Pony
Dirty Belly and Old Woman are desperately poor. As scavengers, they
are forced to live on the outskirts of the Pawnee camp. When Dirty
Belly finds a dun pony he fearlessly rides it into battle against the
approaching Oglala. The pony is killed but its spirit tells Dirty
Belly the secret of amassing twenty beautiful white mares in return
for his bravery. Honorable and heroic, he marries the beautiful
daughter of Pawnee Chief, Iron Spoon.

Legend of Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers
Quillwork Girl dreams of working for the legendary Seven Brothers and
becoming their Cheyenne sister in spirit. She finds them but her
happiness is short-lived. Buffalo Calf arrives to marry her into the
buffalo nation. When Quillwork Girl and her brothers climb a
cottonwood tree for escape, they discover that with each arrow fired,
the tree grows until they reach the safety of the clouds. With last
arrow fired into the sun Quillwork Girl and her Seven Brothers are
turned into stars that light the night sky forever.

Legend of Raven
Raven has a warning for the people of the Northwest. A great sickness
has spread over the land because of man's greed. The Elder has a
remedy for the plague: a chief's daughter must throw herself from the
cliffs to the rocks below. The village Chief rules against this, but
in the dead of night his own daughter leaps to her death to cure her
people. In memory of her sacrifice a glorious waterfall flows from
the cliffs high above the village.

Legend of Ekuskini and The Ghost Hunter
Ekuskini is on a game hunt with Whirlwind Dreamer and two Blackfoot
hunters. He encourages them to follow him on the trail of his dead
father, a great Blackfoot hunter. The two hunters refuse and turn
back, but the curious Whirlwind Dreamer agrees. When Ekuskini sees
the ghost hunter and rides toward him the ghost disappears leaving in
its place a small stone. Ekuskini promises to keep the stone close to
his heart, and in return for his beliefs, his buffalo hunting reaps
great rewards